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Cake Design

We’ll bake, decorate, deliver and set up your cakes with a stunning and delicious presentation.

Best Cupcakes

Be it classic cupcakes or a custom design, we have it all here for you… Bulk Orders Welcome!


Yummy desserts for all that your sweet tooth desires. Ask us today for our latest scrumptious menu!

Menu Planners

Have a big wedding or a big private party? Our professional dessert chefs can help you with your menu!

Freshly Booked Goods

There is no greater delight then biting into a freshly baked cookie, customized to your event!

Home Delivery

We know it may be difficult to pick up our lovely products, we’re here to help. Conditions Apply.

Each cake is individually priced & vary considerably based on size & complexity of design and our labor to create your unique piece.

It begins with the fresh aroma of butter. mixing with flour and sugar. The magic is on its way of transforming this humble mix into the most magnificent memories for life. But, for us, it does not end there. We at PaTooTi melt thousands of hearts with our labour of love to bring you the best flavours savoury & sweet to transform your occasions into something extraordinary. From Cookies to Cakes with the heart we bake, Gingerbread Castles to Macaroon Pops, Wedding Cakes and Cupcake Tops! You will never have a dull moment with Patooti

Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories. – Buddy Valastro

We live in a world of ready to go products where quality and taste is at best mediocre. Made from mixes, convenience bakery products with forever shelf lives your event or occasion will lack that little joy of happiness and smiles.We make our artisan cakes the old fashioned way – by hand with real ingredients fresh, every single day. Artisanal baking is a dying art. We are proud to perpetuate the craft here. Handcrafted by our Chefs to make your or your loved one’s special day that much more memorable.

We Bring Joy To Your World









Our Mission


We at Patooti keep in mind your event or occasion and then work with you to create the perfect design which becomes you


We use fresh and pure ingredients to create each master piece. We will never use a sub-standard ingredient!

Heavenly Cakes

Bite into the goodness of your heavenly customized cake which not only boasts of your style and suave, but of your good taste in premium products!

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